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Hot affair trends for 2004? and beyond: maybe one will turn into a creative commerce idea for you - careers-employment


I constantly look accelerate to the December issue of Capitalist magazine. That's the issue that skin tone the publisher's twelve-monthly pick of hot businesses, markets, and trends for smart entrepreneurs - or those who aim to be.

Some of the high tech businesses cited like cellular phone having a bet or online education tend to command six and seven be included start up costs. This can seem demoralizing (although not impossible) for the anyone just venturing into self-employment. So I've absolute to focus on the markets, trends, and businesses that speak to a big name in commission on a fairly more inadequate budget. Let's start with hot markets:

HOT MARKET: Middle-Aged Women

Since I've a moment ago entered my last year in my 40s, I accepted wisdom it only correct to start with this group (although like most boomers, I still have a hard time belief of for myself as whatever thing close to "middle aged"). Not surprisingly, foodstuffs and air force for women in their 40s and 50s that axis about anti-aging and menopause are hot. The magazine cites such gifted areas as counseling, assignment spas, yoga, smoking end programs? any artifact or benefit that helps women stay good for your health and feel good about themselves - both confidential and out.

The citation to smoking pause got me thinking? Housing action services for other forms of substance abuse are common- place, but I've for my part never seen a retreat, spa, or other residential-type place distinctively aimed at ancestors who need help quitting smoking, and who would allowance from doing so beyond their home environment. I'm picturing dawn walks, meditation, massage, aid groups, good food, and of course, lots and lots of punching bags!

HOT MARKET: Toddlers/Tweens/Teens

According to promote do research firm Packaged Facts, last year 5 to 14 year olds spent $10 billion on food and beverages. Other darling effect areas for kids are sports, fashion, music, and technology.

And deceptively home dcor and remodeling isn't just for adults any longer (who knew?). Food like IKEA and Ceramic objects Barn are opening to promotion home furnishing food aimed at teens.

With baby boomers having more unrestricted pay with which to spoil their grandchildren, babies and toddlers have also be converted into hot markets. Online start-up ELittle Luxuries offers designer baby furniture and more than 600 other chic baby items. (http://www. eLittleLuxuries. com)

HOT MARKET: Flabby Colonize

After analysis how much kids spend on food and beverages, it's no astonish that 15% of kids and teens are overweight. But we adults have them beat. A gigantic 64% of Americans are well thought-out obese or overweight. Businesses that offer goods and army to help colonize slim down and arise more beneficial behavior are the most obvious. But entrepreneurs disposed to think external the "solve the problem" box by looking for ways to make fat people's lives easier verses demanding to fix them, will also do well.

HOT MARKET: Metrosexuals

With the gigantic application of classy soccer super star David Beckham and shows like Bravo's Queer Eye for the Arranged Guy where gay men help as the crow flies men with fashion, grooming, home dcor, and collective skills, a emergent add up to of heterosexual men are allowing themselves to tap into their fashionable side.

One innovative guy who jumped into the metrosexual advertise early has seen extra special growth. With $20,000 and a dream, Tom Granese launched Regiments, an online store that sells high-end grooming foodstuffs for men. Less than two years later, Tom opened his first storefront in Dallas with a projected $210,000 in first year in-store sales.

HOT MARKET: Hispanics

The Hispanic advertise is absolutely nil new - in fact it's made Entrepreneur's list for many years now. The magazine cites opportunities in no matter which from food and entertainment, to economic army and Web services.

Now let's look at two of Entrepreneur's picks for hot trends in 2004?

HOT TREND: Out-of-doors Alive Seats

Into farming or design? According to Joanne Kostecky of the American Garden center & Landscape Association, and head of her own backyard aim company, the conception of al fresco alive rooms that is so all the rage in the south and some urban areas is establishment to reach the rest of the country. The fact that more patrons are investing in courtyards and elaborate gardens means the agriculture and outside aim businesses are bound to grow!

HOT TREND: Fast-Casual Food

Health and taste conscious regulars on the go are revolving to fast- casual restaurants and chains. In my own small town of Northampton, two of the more common joints are benefiting from the fast-casual boom. One serves fashionable burritos (my darling is the Thai burritos) and the other is a hip soup, salad, and sandwich joint that opened in a awfully remodeled earlier Taco Bell restaurant.

Idea: Back in my old softball days I continually wished a big shot would cater to all those hungry players and fans by initial a high class food wagon.

Other Hot Trends? Boating and water sports, the craving for low- carb foods (a trend being taken badly by restaurants, grocery stores, and food manufacturers), oils and sauces, and multiculturalism which includes the gay and lesbian markets.

Hot markets and hot trends lead to hot businesses. Here are some of Entrepreneur's picks?

HOT BUSINESS: Children's Fortification Programs

With so many parents in the workforce, more kids than ever beforehand are engaged in extramural and after drill activities. If you like the idea of operational with kids, you can opt to open a bodily place like a gym, dance or art studio, or camp, take your curriculum into the schools, or bestow confidential lessons.

If you think breach your own place is financially out of reach, think again. While $12,000 is no small sum of money, it's a lot less than a lot of ancestors might be expecting they'd need to shell out to start their own dance studio. But that's how much previous dance apprentice twisted coach Archer Alstaettter dug up in cash and acclaim cards to found Dance Emotion in Irvine, California. That was five years ago. Today Archer's studio has 500 clients and expects 600-plus to be enrolled by spring. You go Archer!

HOT BUSINESS: Home Change for the better

Remodeling, refurbishing, and redecorating are all the rage. There are some 30 cable shows on home change for the better alone. And home development isn't all about dcor. Worth noting are businesses that help home owners amplify the space they have as well as those assembly homes more affable to an aging population. (To read about a unique, decidedly successful, and legitimate home big business occasion that matches home owners with honest home darning contractors go to http://www. ChangingCourse. com/hrnsuccess. htm)

HOT BUSINESS: Yoga & Pilates

According to Entrepreneur, companies are bending over backwards to cater to the developing promote of ancestors active yoga. Clothes, mats, DVDs, music, and lessons aimed at seniors, pregnant women and kids as young as three are just a few crop and army aimed at this emergent market.

And with a reported 47 million Americans charming Pilates, a work out that builds abdominal muscles, opportunities be plentiful for gym owners and instructors alike. If you like the idea of credo Pilates, studio owner Maria Leone recommends opening out by care overhead low. She suggests renting space for one-on-one sessions from a small gym or chiropractic office. Fees for a classic Pilates gathering range from $50 to $70 an hour. Consider on that!

HOT BUSINESS: Fashionable Pet Military

According to the American Pet Artifact Manufacturers Association, Americans spent an estimated $31 billion on pets in 2003. A few of the luxury military cited consist of pet hotels accomplish with heated floors, limousine rides, day cruises, and not public shoppers. And according to the grapevine the spa trend has comprehensive to the pet world with exfoliating treatments, aromatherapy, liposuction (I kid you not), and chiropractic services.

HOT BUSINESS: Outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of those good new-bad news things. If your job is being eliminated for the reason that it's cheaper for your ballet company to subcontract functions like HR, accounting, and arrangement security, then outsourcing is a bad thing. Outsourcing is acutely hot in IT - and when it comes to outsourcing jobs overseas, it's also controversial. The good news for freelancers is the national administration plans to open 850,000 jobs to outsourcing, with $85 billion in central IT contracts to be awarded over the next three years

Other Hot Businesses: Spas, organic foods, online matchmaking, boss care, wireless, tech security, and voiceover IP (VoIP).

If you consider as I do that it's advance to be the boss, than to have one, why not make 2004 the year you start putting your consumerist plans into action? You don't have to quit your job or credit your home to get the ball rolling. You might resolve to do some research, start putting as one a commerce plan, take a choice on marketing, glass blowing, woodworking, web design, or doesn't matter what sparks your fancy, get licensed to teach yoga, buy a book on how to launch a booming on-line business, start a Barbara Sher style Achievement Team? or just order a subscription to Entrepreneur.

If you don't previously subscribe to Industrialist you can do so at http://www. Entrepreneur. com. The site also skin tone a ton of free capital for a person who before now is - or dreams of - effective for themselves. For other free funds for citizens who want to start their own businesses visit http://www. ChangingCourse. com/newbiz. htm

Okay, but what if you don't see a trend, market, or commerce here that speaks to you? Then find the one that does! I had a client who is crazy for domestic animals and photography. It took me all of 30 seconds on Google. com to find a group called the Equine Photographers Network.

In add-on to their congress this February in Florida, the group offers a free communal online argument group with over 700 members who range from top-of-their-field functioning pros to amateur photographers to magazine editors and writers to horse owners, all concerned in humanizing their equine film making skill and knowledge. Learn all about the Equine Photographers Complex at http://www. EquinePhotographers. net.

The way to find the "hottest" big business idea for you is to get in touch with the passion that burns the brightest in your heart. Then make 2004 the year resolve to you take those first bold steps on behalf of your dream!

"Off the beaten career path" consultant, Valerie Young, abandoned her corporate stall to develop into the Fantasist in Residence at http://www. ChangingCourse. com, contribution free funds to help you determine your life mission and live it. Her career alter tips have been cited The Wall Road Journal, USA Today Weekend, Redbook, Entrepreneur's Big business Start Ups, and on-line at MSN, CareerBuilder, and iVillage. com. An practiced on the Fraud Syndrome, she's obtainable her How to Feel as Brilliant and Adept as All Seems to Think You Are curriculum to thousands of people.

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